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The information on this website is for information & educational purpose only. The methodology of treatment designed is based on the research of chronic fatigue patients by Dr. Viramgama. This is not an FDA evaluated and approved treatment protocol. It is based on the clinical observation and the documented evidence from Ayurvedic literature. Please consult your doctor before changing any treatment management.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Program

This is a unique program in providing one-on-one care to patients. Treatment and monitoring is an integrative approach with modern medical science and the use of the Ayurvedic medical science treatment approach and management. Limited participants will be accepted.

Integrative Medical Approach 

Ayurveda is the science of life and is the oldest medical system in the world. It originated in India. Ayu means long healthy life and veda means science so Ayurveda is the medical science of the long healthy life. It is a traditional Indian medical system and its principles of medicine will be incorporated in treatment, along with herbs, Yoga and Pranayama. This unique blend of Eastern and Western approaches will greatly benefit the patient.

Goal of the Program

Depending on the underlying symptoms, by the end of two years, the goals are to achieve:

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Since I have been taking Ayurvedic herbs prescribed by Dr. Viramgama I have been much healthier. I have been more regular in my bowel movements. I have stopped taking Singulair and Prevacid because my postnasal drip has diminished that I do not notice it as much and I no longer have acid reflux. My total cholesterol has been at a good level also.

  --Judy. C., Gettysburg, PA

- Reduction in fatigue

- Sleep improvement

- Decrease body pain

- Decrease the need for pain medication

- Weight loss

- Improvement of blood sugar in diabetics

- Reduce the need for inhalers or eliminate it completely

- Reduce seasonal allergies

- Improve the GERD (heartburn)

- Improve digestion and decrease gas, bloating sensation,

and constipation

- To have a bowel movement every day, if one does not

already; of the multiple different causes of CFS (Chronic - Fatigue Syndrome), constipation is a key contributor

- Decrease in the symptoms of anxiety and depression

- Try to reduce the use of medications for high blood

pressure, high cholesterol, heartburn, depression,

asthma, and pain

- Eliminate the long-term use of medicine as much as


- Decrease frequent infections

- Improve endurance

- Decrease frequent hospitalization

- Overall improvement of health and well-being by the end

of the program

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