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The information on this website is for information & educational purpose only. The methodology of treatment designed is based on the research of chronic fatigue patients by Dr. Viramgama. This is not an FDA evaluated and approved treatment protocol. It is based on the clinical observation and the documented evidence from Ayurvedic literature. Please consult your doctor before changing any treatment management.

Fibromyalgia Distance Treatment Program- Fibromyalgia Online Medical Clinic

If you or someone has fibromyalgia and or chronic fatigue syndrome and has persistent symptoms and looking for treatment then you may contact us to get enrolled in the Fibromyalgia distance treatment program. It is an online clinically monitored medical treatment program who cannot visit the office and lives long distance. It will be online video conference and or telephonic regular follow up by physician (Dr.Viramgama).

Fibromyalgia online treatment and management program’s key components are:

  • Medical evaluation of fibromyalgia and regular follow up with treatment recommendation and co-ordination of care with your Primary care physician during the two year online medical care. It is a two year enrollment as we believe based on our research that it takes minimum two year in moderate to severe fibromyalgia patients to improve. Throughout the time you will be clinically been monitored.
  • Review of old medical records and its analysis prior to start of the medical treatment which including review of all x-rays, CT scans, blood test, stress tests, heart catherization reports and any other medical work up done in the past.
  • Evaluation of all subspecialist consultation and recommendation especially Rheumatology consults if done in the past.
  • There will be one on one distance online treatment and management of fibromyalgia. It is very time consuming treatment program so only few selected patient will be enrolled in a calendar year. We provide a very detailed one on one treatment with the patient and follow up. Multiple follow visits will be schedule throughout the course of the treatment. Appointments will be given based on Eastern Standard Time.
  • After initial medical evaluation then follow up will be multiple times as step by step multiple modalities of the treatment will be introduced based on the body type. After initial work up the medical follow up will be every 1-2 week follow up then 2-4 week follow up then 4-6 week follow throughout the 2 year program with adjust of the treatment and management as person gets better. If there is exacerbation of the fibromyalgia then again will need shorter course of follow up.
  • Initial consultation will be about 2 hours and the follow up consultation will be half hour to hour and half with other brief follow up in the inter visit time.
  • Integrative medical treatment approach with use of Ayurveda (Traditional Indian medicine), Prakruti or genetics or body type specific diet, graded exercise, Yoga, pranayama or breathing exercise, body specific Ayurveda herbals, sleep improvement etc. will be incorporated.
  • Fibromyalgia is inflammatory condition with persistent pain and or discomfort with sleep interruption and has lot of toxins or call ama in Ayurveda. This toxin has accumulated over many years in the body. This ama or toxins needs to be cleared very slowly through multiple treatment modalities that subsequently improve the health. This is a key in treatment of the fibromyalgia in combination of other treatment modalities.
  • Muti-modialites of treatment approach will be used based on body-type, mind type as everyone has different Prakruti or genetics and vikruti or toxins accumulated in the body in fibromyalgia patients. Also the Prana or the energy flow is impaired so is the Tejas or the intracellular metabolism and over all lack of conversion of food into the energy. All this needs to be addressed individually step by step for overall improvement of fibromyalgia.
  • Goal of the treatment would be improvement of the bodily pain and or discomfort, improvement of sleep, heart burn, constipation or loose bowel, irritable bowel syndrome, mood swings, chronic fatigue, improvement of sense of wellbeing. Not all can be achieved in all patient but many of the goal can be fulfilled based on the compliance of the patient.
  • We attempt to understand the uniqueness of every fibromyalgia patient just as every fingerprint is different so is the fibromyalgia treatment and we don’t use same treatment for every fibromyalgia patient but individual treatment that one can tolerate and at patient’s body pace. So you get unique fibromyalgia treatment that fits your body type. As fibromyalgia improves we add further modification to the treatment. The treatment time may variety from patient to patient some takes weeks and some months before any further treatment can be added.
  • Individualized education about the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and its treatment, management, exacerbation factors and how to alleviated and prevent future flare up will be discussed & educated with the treatment as patient improves. By the end of the treatment program one will learn how to prevent future flare up and how to self-manage it to the best one can at home and control the symptoms.
  • Our goal is to overall improve quality of life for our patients and prevent exacerbation of the fibromyalgia in future once it improves with minimum medication use. This decreases the chances of long term drug side effects. Education about the fibromyalgia and health is a key and we guide them through the treatment program one on one.
  • Based on our research we found that every fibromyalgia patient has a healing potential and we call as a “healing genes” that every fibromyalgia patient has. In nature there are two opposite forces like cold and warm, east and west. Just like there are disease causing genes there are “healing genes” that will help fibromyalgia patient to get better. Our job is to use the treatment modalities that is more suited to help fibromyalgia and create condition that the chances of improvement improves to get better, and we provide guidance throughout the course. We have patient who have got better so we believe compliance patient should improve with time in varying degree in their fibromyalgia symptoms. Every body’s bodily responses are different with the treatment.
  • We try to use multiple modalities of treatment and are not FDA approved modalities but is based on our research with Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome patient. We don’t guarantee that everything list on the goal will get better completely or partially or in any form but will work of the program with the patient. It is the time that can only tell what happens and the goals are reached or not. But we believe that combined effort by us and the patient can make overall difference in improvement of the fibromyalgia.
  • Long term goals are to decrease over all need of medical visits, decrease in health care cost, hospital admissions, number of medical tests, as fibromyalgia patient gets more medical work up and test then non-fibromyalgia patient. This can be achieved if there is improvement in fibromyalgia symptoms and sense of wellbeing.
  • Compliance to medical treatment is a key for the program not only just one that can pay the fee for the program. Non-compliant patients are screened and not enrolled. If we find them non-compliant after been enrolled they are discharged and refund the unused portion of treatment money back. This will help us providing medical treatment to the other compliant fibromyalgia patient.


Daytime sleepiness and tiredness for years have been eliminated by doing breathing exercises and using herbs. I have much more energy now at age 59 years.

  --Eugene.B. J., Biglerville, PA

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