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The information on this website is for information & educational purpose only. The methodology of treatment designed is based on the research of chronic fatigue patients by Dr. Viramgama. This is not an FDA evaluated and approved treatment protocol. It is based on the clinical observation and the documented evidence from Ayurvedic literature. Please consult your doctor before changing any treatment management.


What is the uniqueness of the Chronic Fatigue Program?

It is a uniquely designed program based on research of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome with an integration of current medical science, as well as Ayurveda, yoga, diet, and relaxation techniques. This individualized treatment program allows us to clinically monitor the patient on a regular basis with the final goal of improvement in fatigue at the end of the program. The treatment of chronic fatigue is unique from person-to-person and has to be based on body type, mind, emotions, and associated toxins in the body.  

What is the duration of the program?

Generally, based on research, we have found that it takes about two years for fatigue to improve, based on an analysis of body type, toxins present in the body, and its elimination process. This elimination process has to be very gradual so that there is improvement in strength and health.

Is there any other program in the country similar to this?

There is no fatigue care program by any pulmonary and sleep medicine clinic that we know of that provides this particular technique of integrated methodology of modern medical science with Ayurveda. 

Why is the program two years long?

The body has a unique process of healing which has a relationship with food, sleep, the cycle of the sun and the moon, and multiple other factors of nature, including sleep for a normal rejuvenation of the body, mind, and emotions. Based on evidence from Ayurveda, the restoration of different tissues takes 6 to 12 months to finish one cycle. If the person has chronic fatigue for more than 5 to 10 years, he/she may need one more cycle for rejuvenation for elimination of the toxins and strength restoration. This process has to be done very slowly, without affecting any other body system. This leads to restoration of sleep, the digestive process, and the elimination process. For a child to be born, it requires nine months in the mother’s womb for all tissues to be formed. For rejuvenation of all the tissues in the body, the average patient will need an average of two years, and in some cases longer, based on the response of the treatment, compliance of the patient, and multiple other factors.  

What is the methodology used in the Chronic Fatigue Program?

We first examine the patient’s medical history of all forms of medical problems, surgical problems, medication, X-rays, CAT scans, sleep studies, breathing tests, stress tests, and catheterization report. We need to completely understand the current medical diagnosis to properly integrate the Ayurvedic diagnosis. Based on the underlying problem, its cause has to be evaluated. The underlying cause of fatigue could be psychological, drug side effects, lack of sleep, severe infection in the past, trauma at physical, mental, emotional, or sexual level, or hormonal imbalances. The goal of the program is not only to diagnose the problem, but to also improve the underlying condition, with the goal of decreasing the overall need for medication. The person’s underlying prakruti (genetic makeup) is unique, so every patient gets individualized one-on-one treatment. The treatment will be based upon the person’s genetics at the level of body and mind. This approach is unique in Ayurveda. During the treatment, the goal is to improve digestion, sleep, and restoration of energy, thereby, gradually restoring strength in the body. Everyone has disease causing genes and healing genes balancing out the disease. It is the crucial natural healing factor that needs to be optimized at the level of body, mind, and emotions. This will be integrated with our modern medical science techniques.

If one joins the program, is guarantee given that chronic fatigue will be eliminated or all the goals met by the end of the 2 year program? Can the chronic fatigue program be less than 2 years?

No. There is no guarantee that one will get all the goals met as it varies from patient to patient and multiple other factors. Many of our patients have achieved their goals, but that doesn’t mean every patient enrolling can get the same results. Best efforts are made from our side to educate and monitor, but results will vary. Compliance is very important for the success.

If you have any further questions, give Gettysburg Lung Center P.C. a call at 717-338-9797



“Today I am reading back over my test results for May of 2008 and I cannot believe how far I have come. My glucose tests were: A1C was 11.2 and fasting was 310. My lipid panel was triglycerides 151, total cholesterol 162, HDL 45, and LDL 30. I was a physical train wreck. I lived daily with joint pain.

Now after two years I cannot believe how my body has made a come back. The daily regimen of herbs and herbal water have cleansed by body. My energy level is amazing. I also enjoy being freed of acid reflux and sinus issues.

I have lost some weight and kept it off (still need to lose a bit more.) My family doctor was pleased with my progress.”

  -- Deb. E, Rocky Ridge, MD

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