Sleep Apnea and persistent fatigue

Sleep apnea is a increasingly common disease been diagnosed this decade in USA because of increase of obesity at all ages. Common symptoms of snoring, daytime sleepiness, witness apnea, hypertension, unrestful sleep,sleep interuption, restless leg syndrome are common manifestation to name few.

The gold standard for diagnosis is diagnostic polysomonography( sleep study) and usually they have Apnea/Hypopnea index ( AHI index) of 5 or higher meaning they stop breathing 5 times per hour or more. If AHI is 5-15 is mild sleep apnea, AHI of 15-30 is moderate and AHI of 30 or higher is severe sleep apnea. The index is count per hour. Apnea is complete cessation of air flow for 10 second or longer and hypopnea is partial stop breathing for 50% or lower lasting for 10 seconds or longer associated with arousal.

The common treatment is cpap and inspite of the use of the cpap some person is not fully rested all the time. This is seen quite frequently in our practice. Person using cpap is compliant with cpap and uses for 6 hour at night and still has the low grade fatigue.
It may be associated with heart burn, restless leg symptoms, headahces, sinus problem, uncontroled sugars, poor digestion to name few.

The problem is still persitent fatigue. so in this situation understanding the Ayurvedic method of treatment and managment helps. We have used this methods on many patients and have found good resutls. So understanding the principals of Ayurveda helps, the body type of the person (prakruti of the person or genetics) , presence of the Ama ( toxins or imbalances in the body at different levels), detoxification, imbalances of the energy flow in the body, rejuvianation of the tissues that is affected by using the appropritate food and herbs that is based on the body type. This is the key principal. Genrally we have seen that it take about 1-2 years for the patient with chronic fatigue syndrome to improve if they have the symptoms for 5 years or longer.

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