Improvement of Sleep hygiene and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This blog is written at multiple requests from reads about sleep hygiene information. Sleep hygiene is a key in patient with chronic fatigue patient or in fibromyalgia. Please also see other blogs for sleep hygiene details discussed previously.

Most patient with chronic fatigue usually they have poor sleep hygiene. Poor sleep hygiene is also one of the cause of the chronic fatigue symptoms. They sleep at irregular time or also eat at irregular schedule. This affects the whole body gradually. Usually chronic fatigue syndrome patients or with fibromyalgia have poor sleep over all and has sleep interruption also. Either may have difficulty falling a sleep or maintaining sleep or late night sleep awakening. It is difficult to break the sequence.

Ideal time to sleep is 10pm to 6am. The reason are multifold for this as body can relax and rejuvenation is best at that time. One needs to be up by the time the sun is up( around 6am) on regular basis because of different hormonal changes like cortisol secretion is at 6am. If one sleep after the sun is up on regular basis then the metabolism slows down and affects the digestion and multiple other organ system. They lose energy in the body with that slowly. This is a key if one wants to have good health. Most people work day time and is relatively easy to do it if they want to. People who working evening or night shift may be difficult.

The importance of sleep restriction therapy is very important if they have insomnia and takes long time to fall a sleep. Lets say if one goes to bed at 11pm and cannot fall a sleep till 1 am and wakes up at 8-9am then it is good to go to bed at 1pm early and wake up by 15 minutes early every week till one reaches 6am time schedule. They will slowly will get early sleep onset also. Goal is to do it slowly every 15 minutes a week or so. This is a rough guideline.

By improving the sleep hygiene the heart burn will go down and the digestion slowly can improve. Doing the Pranayama or breathing exercise of the Yoga is a beneficial for patient with sleep problem and with chronic fatigue syndrome.

In our practice we have seen that the patient who have followed the improvement of the sleep hygiene protocol have done much better then who cannot or don’t want to change. Initially there is significant inner resistant to change but one needs to over come that and after that it is not that difficult.

Relaxation is a key and so is the anger or frustration management. One need to understand their personal life events and situation giving rise to that. This may be seen in chronic fatigue syndrome patient or with fibromyalgia and if one has then needs to be objectively evaluated and managed. If there are situation in life causing unpleasant unfulfilled desires and cannot be changed then it is better to accept it the way it is. It helps to relax after acceptance of unchangeable situation then to constantly keep on fighting it over. Otherwise it just drains the energy out of the person. Doing the breathing exercise of Yoga or pranayama may further help. Keeping a sleep diary may help.

Improvement of sleep hygiene takes months to take effect so it be done slowly and need to stick to the new schedule once one can achieve the 10pm to 6am schedule. It is like reprograming the inner biological clock of our body to this time and stick to it. If it gets out of rhythm then needs to be resynchronize it.

Hope this few things may further help to improve the sleep and the chronic fatigue.

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