Benefits of Integrative Medical Treatment Management In Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In this blog, we will view the benefits of integrative medical treatment approach in comparison with standard medical treatment in management of Chronic Fatigue syndrome patients.  Both approach has its benefits and limitation but Integrative Medical management may help further in treatment management with chronic fatigue syndrome.  Standard medical  work up is  needed for diagnosis and exclusion of disease, and by integrating Allopathic  with alternative medical Science like Ayurveda and its treatment  may help further better manage chronic fatigue syndrome then just using one by itself.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a diagnosis of exclusion where patients have been experiencing chronic fatigue for at least six months or longer and have sets of different symptoms of bodily pain, swollen glands, sleep interruption, headache, etc., and have undergone a detailed medical workup and major disorders have been ruled out such as thyroid dysfunction, anemia, malignancy, sleep apnea, and other hormonal disorders, etc.  At that point, there is no other specific treatment used in Allopathic.   Generally, a change in the diet and sleeping habits is recommended with some improvement but still the patient may be suffering from chronic fatigue symptoms that drag day in and day out, so in situations like this what more can be done?

In a situation like this, the alternative medical treatment, or Ayurveda, may help as Ayurveda analyzes diseases based on body type and mind type, and the diet can be modified based on genetic makeup as described in Ayurveda, which is the Prakruti. Also, specific detoxification herbs that have been used for over thousands of years and have been well documented can be used with rejuvenation.  Herbs, diet, sleep modification and a multi-disciplinary approach needs to be used.  Usually, there is a trigger which many patients are able to pin point for underlying chronic fatigue syndrome that has started.  It could be an event from the past in social life like death in family or separation , psychological trauma, physical trauma such as a car accident, etc., if present  that may need to be treated accordingly.

By combining standard medical workup to rule out any major disorder and subsequently adding Ayurveda for further management may slowly help to decrease bodily pain, improve sleep, improve digestion and improve stamina gradually.  Most of the treatment may take one to two years to work as the body needs that much time in most cases for rejuvenation.  Underlying medical conditions associated such as hypertension and diabetes may still need to be treated with standard treatment with emphasis on improvement in sleep, relaxation, eating a high-fiber diet and drinking plenty of fluids as well as normalizing bowel movements.

Irregular bowel movements or the lack of a daily bowel movement has a general relation to chronic fatigue.  By implementing a high-fiber diet including fruits and vegetables, and herbs that improve and normalize bowel movements, one may use accordingly to regulate the bowels.  Many plant-based herbs that improve rejuvenation may be added accordingly in a step-by-step process as digestion improves it slowly helps rejuvenation of the body.  Overall, fatigue may improve associated with that with decrease in daytime sleepiness.  Still, many patients will be prone for relapse, which needs to be managed with increase in sleep, relaxation, decrease in physical activity, and developing their own strategy for stress relief thereby improving quality of life and combat the chronic fatigue. Some setbacks may be expected with this road of healing journey but most can slowly improve again and keep improving. Discipline is a key in this with need to keep regular health diary to self-evaluate improvements and exacerbation events.

If you or someone has been experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome and or fibromyalgia and feels this is an approach that they would like to take and would like to get enrolled in chronic fatigue integrtive treatment program ,  please feel free to call us at (717)-338-9797

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2 Responses to Benefits of Integrative Medical Treatment Management In Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  1. Hey, I really liked this post, and I noticed that you mentioned a higher fiber diet to help keep regular bowel movements. The more I learn about various medical treatments, the more I realize what kind of an effect our diet can have on our bodies. I actually recently wrote an article about the “2012 Fibro Diet”, and I figured you might find it quite interesting. I am currently trying to work in some more Omega-3 fatty acids into my diet!

  2. AvailFlorida says:

    I feel like fish oils and other sources of omega-3 are very important for a healthy body. I have done some personal research, and this is one constant trend across most healthy diets. For one, it seems to play an important role in the paleo diet. This form of eating has now become more of a lifestyle than anything. However, despite the changing face of the paleo diet, it has been known to help people with various medical conditions (such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue) more adequately control their symptoms.

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